About Me

MKE Lifestyle Magazine, Oct 2021

Ann Sinfield has lived, studied, and worked in California and the midwest. She has been involved in exhibitions for many years, from opening countless wine bottles at gallery receptions, to installation, registration, and as a curator and project manager. After 19 years in university art museums, Ann now curates and manages exhibitions for the Harley-Davidson Museum.

Stay connected via LinkedIn or @fairrosalind on Instagram, or checkout Notes from Saturn for a more personal perspective.

4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Nice work Ann! Its been a while Hope all is well with you. I miss my days on campus!
    Rick Gibbs
    P.S. I love the Rouge work!


    1. Thank you Rick. It is so nice for you to take the time to visit this blog! We do miss you on campus. I hope you are enjoying your new digs.


  2. Hi Ann! I stumbled on this happily! This is a great blog, and I’m so glad you are writing what many of us are thinking! Hope you are well and safe, in spite of the recent WI craziness!


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